Daytona 500: Best race to bet on

Daytona 500 History

Wondering what Daytona 500 is? It's a 500 mile long NACSAR Sprint Cup Series which is held on annual basis in Florida at the Daytona Beach. This is one of the restrictor plate races on the schedule held at the Daytona International Speedway. Daytona is valued as one of the prestigious races in the NASCAR calendar which is carrying the largest purse this far. In 1995 the Daytona Race received the largest rating in US television ranking which went higher than those of the traditional leader the Indianapolis 500. The Indianapolis 500 ranks high in the in-track attendance and international viewing. In 2006, the Daytona 500 brought a huge following of 20 million viewers; ranking it as the sixth largest average live global TV audience in any event in sports.

The event serves as the final event in the speed-weeks and is referred to as The Great American Race or The Super Bowl of car Racing. From the first race which was held in 1959, the event is run in the month of February. Up to 2011, it was linked with the Presidents Day weekend until 2012, when it was pushed back a week because of the inclement weather conditions on February 26th.

Car Race Betting in USA

Car racing is one interesting event and one of the ways you could make money with this kind of hobby would be betting in casinos on the lined up races. As you have read in the history of the Daytona 500 NASCAR event, you will have a great period following The Great Race and make a couple of bucks from it.

For you to make informed bets on these car race events, you need to take a good study on the drivers, auto racing history, tire manufacturer, as well as, the team taking part in the event. Each of the details is important when a bettor wants to make an evaluation of the race. It is also good to have a look at the personnel changes if any. Finding a good site to place your bets is also important, in our recommendations we have Old Havana Casino. This is one portal where you will get informed odds about a race or a team in the race, which will lead to making a prudent bet.