Bet on Winston Cup Nextel

Well, it is officially over, as Bobby Labonte is the last winner of a NASCAR Winston Cup race and Matt Kenseth is the last champion of the NASCAR Winston Cup. This is the end of a great era, but there are better things to come for NASCAR and well as making a Bet on Winston Cup Nextel.

The Memories Remain

Since 1971 the Winston brand and RJ Reynolds have really done a lot for the sport of NASCAR. They have poured in millions of dollars into awards after the season is complete, poured more money and drama in the programs of Winston Million and No-Bull, and given even more money out for sponsoring not only the Winston All-Star race, but also individual racing teams. Basically, NASCAR and Winston had a very mutually beneficial relationship.

Brand New Game

It has reached a point in time for NASCAR to move on from the Winston Brand, as it may have been holding the sport back. For several years the advertising for tobacco products has been limited because of restrictions. There are no very strict limits on where Winston can be advertised. This has hurt the ability of NASCAR to both market as well as improve their product. NEXTEL is the new main sponsor and they do not have a negative image that comes along with Winston because of their tobacco product. There are no more restrictions for the advertising for NEXTEL for fans of the exciting sport and NASCAR now has the freedom to advertise for everyone including children and teenagers. Now products such as Hot Wheels and toys can have the 2014 NASCAR NEXTEL Cup logo rather than the typical NASCAR one. What this also does is open up the markets of Canada and Europe, which has stricter tobacco advertising restrictions.